Pure ReLeaf CBD Oils Are Simply The Best

As CBD oils continue to rise in popularity, plenty of new fly-by-night brands are beginning to show up everywhere featuring low, low pricing - and the quality to match.  It begs the question - how do Pure ReLeaf CBD products continue to stand above the rest?


The simple answer is, our CBD products are created with the highest quality plants using the most optimal extraction process.  We’ve created a wide range of products with top-quality industrial hemp plants, grown and harvested in an eastern Colorado farm and 100% compliant with Federal Farm Bill 2014.  These hemp plants were bred specifically to be high in non-psychoactive cannabidiol (CBD) and contain almost no THC. Other companies that claim to have the best CBD products often use cheaper, inferior suppliers.  Their hemp plants lack the purity that ours have; they often contain higher (and possibly illegal) amounts of THC, which may lead to unpredictable and undesirable psychoactive reactions to their products.


Another distinction is Pure ReLeaf’s CBD extraction process.  Our goal is to isolate the cannabinoid in its purest, most concentrated form to ensure optimal effects to the human body, and to entirely eliminate any residual THC from the plant material.  We utilize pressurized food-grade supercritical liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) to pull CBD from the hemp plants. This process requires highly sophisticated equipment and technical ability, but we can say with 100% confidence that our final product is pure, potent, and free of contaminants, including THC.


Finally, we take great pride in the way we run our company and care for our customers.  Pure ReLeaf was one of the first to bring safe, pure, and premium CBD oil-based products to Texas, and we are still Texas-owned and operated.  Every single batch of our CBD products is strenuously tested and authenticated by a third party, and we proudly publish the resulting Certificates of Analysis on the Pure ReLeaf website for public review.  Our top-quality products are priced competitively - simply put, our CBD products offer the best value that you won’t find anywhere else.


Still have questions?  We’d love to hear from you.  Contact Pure ReLeaf by email today, or find us on Facebook.