Pure CBD Oil Helps Brendan Schaub’s Epileptic Child

Can a leaf change a life? At Pure ReLeaf, we know it can. We get messages from pure CBD oil users every day. In each, people tell us how incredible it feels to feel themselves again, after years of chronic illness.

Sadly, some in the wider public arena still treat the authentic benefits of authentic CBD oil with skepticism. This, though, may be about to change. Moreover, this is thanks to none other than acclaimed standup comedian, Brendan Schaub.


Brendan Schaub’s CBD Oil Story

In December 2018, Schaub recounted his family’s personal experience with pure CBD oil on Logan Paul’s “Impaulsive Clips” podcast.

After several seizures and an emergency room visit, Schaub learned that his son Tiger Pax, has an incurable form of epilepsy. Like with most types of epilepsy, the condition can be managed. However, for this to happen, Tiger Pax would have to take a cocktail of mind and body altering medications for the rest of his life.


How Brendan Schaub Discovered CBD Oil

As is the case with most people, Brendan Schaub first heard about CBD oil online.  While perusing parenting support forums specific to epilepsy, he discovered testimonials from other parents who’d had amazing success stories, who were now posting pleas to other parents to at least give CBD oil a chance.

Having nothing to lose, Brendan did give pure CBD oil a shot. Almost overnight, his son’s health improved drastically.


What is the Science Behind CBD Oil and Epilepsy?

At present, medical doctors don’t fully understand yet how pure CBD oil supports the body to help manage certain types of seizures. However, they do know that it works.  Studies have identified several different types of epilepsy for which CBD oil usage is evidently effective. Medical doctors are also aware of the fact that demand for authentic CBD oil products is increasing among the public.

As for why the demand for CBD oil is increasing, the reason is simple. In the case of Tiger Pax, Schaub insists that his son has not had another seizure since he started medicating with CBD oil. The only question is, what is holding you back from experimenting with CBD oil for the first time?